Related Companies


    An Investment company that consists AGUNSA offices and affiliates in Central America, USA and Asia. Additionally, IMUSA provides bunkering services and the sale of shipping containers internationally.


    Provides operational services in Chile for the mining industry, port terminals, warehouses and inventory management and technical maintenance among others.


    Provides general transport solutions, delivering the highest quality, value-added assistance to domestic and international trade by providing services to the transportation, loading docks and terminals.


    Established in Ecuador, Portrans delivers quality services and excellence in the logistics process at the national level. Portrans has a team of skilled logistics experts that coordinate transport, storage and distribution.


    Company operating in the ports of Guayaquil, Manta and Puerto Bolívar, Ecuador. Provides integrated logistics for cargo and containers operations.

    Modal Trade

    Shipping agency and Nvocc company that provides its customers with a comprehensive platform to address shipping, transport, logistics and distribution needs, and offers its services to import and export cargoes by sea, air and land.

    Bodegas AB Express S.A.

    Warehousing infrastructure and trading platform for storage and Courier business administrations for International Airport of Santiago, along with a warehouse 6,000 m2 for import and export cargoes.

    Portuaria Patache S.A.

    PPSA maritime terminal management company Minera Patache (TMMP), assists unloading tasks of coal and salt shipments. Organizes and maintains the operation of storage yards and pier operation and maintenance.

    Marpacífico S.A. - Argentina

    With more than 25 years in the Argentine market, Marpacifico acts as a shipping agent for import and export customers and offers multimodal logistics, as well as providing transport services and tank containers.


    Container terminal and rail cargo terminal.

    Aeropuerto Magallanes

    Concessionaire that manages the Carlos Ibáñez del Campo airport in the city of Punta Arenas, Chile.

    Aeropuerto La Serena

    Concessionaire that manages Aerodromo La Florida airport in the city of La Serena, Chile.

    Aeropuerto Calama

    Concessionaire that manages and operates the El Loa airport city of Calama, Chile.
    Delivering excellence and quality to national and international passengers alike.

    VTP - Terminal de Pasajeros

    Operates, develops and manages concessions and infrastructure for embarcation and disembarcation of passengers and crew for the passenger cruise terminal in Valparaiso, Chile.


    Maritime, port and logistics company that offers tugboat services, agency services for the salmon and fishing industry and coastal transport services for cargo, vehicles and passengers.


    Logistics services for multimodal storage.

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