• AGUNSA agency to Swiss vessel “Race for Water”


    On Sunday, June 10th, AGUNSA received upon arrival to Valparaiso this ecological catamaran, which is travelling around the world to investigate the contamination produced by plastic in the oceans.

    The vessel will remain in the port city until next Sunday, the 17th, where it will than proceed towards Talcahuano, Juan Fernandez Island and Easter Island.  During her stay in these ports, students, academics and scientists will join the crew in order to raise awareness about the state of the seas.

    Race for Water utilizes renewable energies, such as wind power, through a 40 sqm traction kite that extends 150 metres high to double the speed; includes a hydrogen production unit with seawater to generate autonomy at speeds of 6 knots; in addition to 500 sqm of solar panels with 38 thousand photovoltaic cells.

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