• AGUNSA delivers proposal to construct an exclusive cruise Vessel berth in Valparaiso.


    Agencias Universales S.A. (AGUNSA) presented a proposal to Empresa Portuaria Valparaiso (EPV) for a berth that prioritizes cruise vessels, the Project, which considers the construction of a penetrating pier, was developed by professionals at AGUNSA with the assistance of the Dutch engineering company, Royal Haskoning DHV.

    The initiative proposes the modification of the Master Plan of the state-owned company, effective since 2015, and its respective Referential Investment Calendar (CRI).

    “The presentation of this project is not only a response to the current situation that we are facing, after the loss of some of the most important cruise lines, but rather confirms our commitment to the city that has sheltered us since birth, and to the vision of development and progress that we visualize for Valparaiso and her citizens, based on the experience and benefits that we observe in other projects that AGUNSA has developed in the world, such as the last one that we are participating in Manta, Ecuador, which expects to receive more than 20,000 cruise passengers,” said the General Manager of VTP, Juan Esteban Bilbao.

    The initiative, the investment reaches $30 million US, considers an approximate area of 2,300 square metres, for the terrestrial area, where the dock operational offices and cargo consolidation, as well as parking areas for the different suppliers that can provide services, can be installed.  Furthermore, there is an access bridge, which consists of a concrete platform with a width of 10 metres by 200 metres in length, whose main function will be to connect the terrestrial side with the berthing platform; which is comprised of reinforced concrete, mounted on piles with a width of 30 metres and a length of 203 metres, which will comprise of two berths that will allow for the simultaneous attention of two vessels with 300 metres in length.  The work has been designed to allow for future expansions, allowing for the reception of larger vessels.  On the other hand, the design considers the usage of mooring systems of the latest technology, such as ShoreTension, which allows for safer and better operating conditions for the vessels at the berth sites.

    “Another positive element of this dock is that it is situated in the vicinity of the current passenger terminal, facilitating the logistical processes, which reduces the transfer time of the passengers to and from the berth, allowing for the safe boarding and disembarking of both passengers and crew,” added Bilbao.

    In the proposal, AGUNSA not only presented an infrastructure suitable for maritime development, but also proposed the incorporation of public space that can be utilized by the citizens.  A civilian walkway will allow for collective meetings, as well as the opportunity to transform it into a window of Valparaiso towards the tourists through gastronomy and crafts.  This space is conceived as itinerant and adapts to the seasonal and functional nature of the existing terminal.


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