AGUNSA Logistics has positioned itself in Chile as a logistics provider that faces the constant challenges of the market and its customers by providing an excellent service.  In logistics, the company offers transport services, warehousing, value added service and distribution, as well as a growing in-house service; all services with which it has marked differences in an ever increasing competitive market.

    Action, proximity and management are the three principle qualities that AGUNSA Logistics makes available to its customers.  The company is considered one of the more important multinational logistics operators in the logistics industry and in the related markets, whose qualities have positioned it as an ally of quality and experience in the Chilean industry and a leader in agency and logistic services.

    With a presence in more than 20 countries, AGUNSA Logistics has placed its experience, professionalism and flexibility to respond to the needs of the customers.  How is the success of AGUNSA Logistics understood?  The answer seems to be in the constant challenge in developing business, transcending limits, air, maritime and continental borders, through a comprehensive logistic platform that expands and accelerates constantly, inserting itself efficiently in the most diverse locations and scenarios.

    novation, closeness to its customers, collaborative work, the development of permanent technology, infrastructure, flexibility and numerous other qualities position AGUNSA Logistics as a company that provides excellence in the different industries where it operates, generating important long-term relationships.  Therefore, the company has established itself as a specialist in the different alternatives of the logistics industry, meeting the needs of those seeking the services of a top of the line 3PL.


    “What the customer wants is for the Logistics operator take an active part of their challenges, work closely and listening to their needs, generate concrete contributions and from that, professionally manage the processes and technology, depending on the reality of each deal.”  This current scenario was described by Rodrigo Jimenez, Corporate Manger of Logistics and Distribution of AGUNSA Logistics; aspects that at the same time have become the motor behind the services that the company has arranged.

    The executive also stressed the importance of “having professionals – in the different phases of the commercial / operational relationship – who are close and passionate to their work, and are capable of detecting and making changes to take advantage of the opportunities that are generated,” which has allowed – according to Jimenez – that AGUNSA Logistics keep its clients for more than 15 years.

    There is no doubt that thanks to global experience and the quality of its facilities, AGUNSA Logistics has achieved a specialization in different industries.  In Chile, “we are positioned in the electronics industry, mining, energy, bulk, frozen, hardware and raw materials, among other.”

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