• AGUNSA receives Aprimin award for “security recognition”


    The awards presentation was during the 14th anniversary dinner of the Association of the Mining Industry Providers, in conjunction with the government authorities and high-ranking executives of the partner and mining companies.

    For AGUNSA, occupational health and safety are part of the strategic objectives expressly declared by this company and her affiliates.  This allows for the alignment of the actions of the leadership and of the various teams of personnel, so that the “proper way” is always internalized in the well-being of the people; and later the own and foreign material goods.

    “AGUNSA has for a long time defined the aggregation of value and sustainable development as part of its strategy.  Security must be internalized in the management of all of the levels of its organization, and the various acknowledgements that have been bestowed us have been a result of this.  We are happy with the progress, but are also aware that we have much more to do, because in this matter the efforts and creativity must be permanent.” (Statement from the General Manager of AGUNSA).

    The challenge for AGUNSA is to maintain a constant reduction in workplace accidents, looking at “zero accidents” as a goal so that all of the people employed by companies in the AGUNSA group can arrive home without accidents.

    At the event, the role of the suppliers was highlighted in the development of national mining and the commitment to intelligent mining 4.0, where the growth must be accompanied by efficiency, financial discipline, productivity and sustainable development.

    In addition, achievements made in the sector over the last few years was also mentioned, as well as the changes that are taking place technologically which will positively affect in the increase in the use of copper, lithium, cobalt and other commodities.

    November 2017

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