• Management by AGUNSA increases the productivity at Port of Manta


    One year after the Chilean Company, AGUNSA – through its subsidiary Terminal Port Manta – entered the operation at the Port of Manta, Ecuador; there has been evidence of increased productivity.  “During this first year in which the Terminal Port Manta  has been at the forefront of the international operations, historical records of both cargo and ship traffic have been surpassed, highlighted by the 253% increase in the number of vehicles serviced, which has converted us into a Port Hub for vehicles, emphasizing that since last July, the International Terminal began receiving vehicles under the modality of transshipment, which remain in the Port of Manta to be subsequently shipped to other vessels for transfer to different ports in the region,” informed the company in a statement.  On the other hand, there was an increase of 10.08% in the number of vessels serviced, reaching 972.  According to the concessionaire, concerning the amount of tons, there was an increase of 12% in the number of tons that were handled through the International Terminal.  Vehicles registered a growth of 267%, followed by international fishing which registered a growth of 38%, while the tourism sector (cruise vessels) were at 34%.  In turn, the concessionaire of the Port of Manta highlighted the investment that has been made during the first 12 months of operations.  “It is important to highlight the direct private foreign investment that we are having as a city and country, generated by the decision of the investors in the project, betting and trusting in the guarantees of the legal security and favorable climate for the investments that the state has guaranteed,” stated Roberto Salazar, president of the Manta Port Terminal, referencing the 30 million dollars invested by the company, which have served to purchase tractors, platforms, reach stackers and a mobile crane, that should be arriving before the end of the month.  Likewise, it was highlighted that Manta, once finished with its dredging work, will be the port with the greatest draft in Ecuador.  In total, 1,514,566 cbm will be removed, covering the access channel, the area for maneuvers and each one of the four berths; which will reach a depth of -12.5 metres at the lowest tide, thus exceeding the original offer.

    Date. March 12th, 2018

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