• Managers for AGUNSA and REPORT receive an award for the Lifetime Achievement towards the care of life.

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    The Institute for Work Safety – IST -, distinguished these companies, workers, executives and joint hygiene and safety committees, as they stand out in their commitment to the care of life.

    The award ceremony took place within the framework of the Annual Distinctions in Prevention of 2017, a moment where the IST acknowledges all of the affiliated companies through all of the regions of the country that contribute to the development of a preventative culture within their own organizations.

    On this occasion, recognized in the category of “Lifetime Achievement Award for the Care of Life” in the 5th Region, for his management in security, was Don Camilo Fernandez Aguilar, the Logistics Manager for AGUNSA Chile and General Manager for REPORT, a subsidiary of the first mentioned company.

    The executive highlighted safety as a strategic objective, which is championed by AGUNSA and her subsidiaries.  The aforementioned company allows for the alignment of the actions of the leadership and of the various teams of personnel, so that the “proper way” is always internalized in the well-being of the people; and later the own and foreign material goods.

    The challenge is to maintain a constant reduction in workplace accidents, so that all of the people employed by companies in the AGUNSA group can arrive home without accidents.

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