• Manta Port Terminal advances in the realization of its investments


    Its director of Operations, Andres Padilla, referred to the advanced work and expectations of the terminal

    In the framework of the 4th Latin America Port Summit, Andres Padilla, director of Operations for Manta Port Terminal (TPM), in his presentation, referred to the Public-Private Partnership alliance mechanism that makes the operation of this multipurpose port in Ecuador.

    Padilla explained what the Public-Private Alliance does, which is provide incentives, guarantees to the investor, and detailed that to be able to capture this interest, first of all it is necessary “to give legal security and to be open to listen to private initiatives that come with technical, economic, legal sustenance in a realistic form.”

    He also stressed that a key to the development of this investment is the knowledge of the market that Agunsa has in Ecuador, a country in which it has had a presence since 1992, and since 1996 in Manta as a port operator, agent, actively participating in previous tender bids and as a shipping company through its former subsidiary, CCNI.

    Agunsa knows Manta very well, its reality, capacity, operation, and everything that it is capable of being as a port and as a region”, stated the executive.

    The port has accurately followed its development Schedule. “We have now invested US $ 32 million in the reconstruction of the port, the reinforcement and expansion of the berths, dredging, the construction of the passenger terminal, systems and the rehabilitation of the areas affected by the earthquake, amongst other improvements,” says the executive, emphasizing that this is in addition to the equipment investment in the first phase, which includes: berth cranes for containers, for bulk; equipment for containers and general cargo.

    This does not mean that the investments stop.  We have a series of projects that will bring more investment projects, cargo mobilization.  This is something very dynamic, we are finishing a phase of mandatory investments, but the projects will continue,” said Padilla.

    He also stressed as relevant in this process, the conclusion in October of the Passenger Terminal to later give way to “investments focused on projects and specific operational needs.”

    Before and After TPM

    In comparing the pre and post periods of the initiation of the operations of TMP, Padilla demonstrated satisfaction: “We have improved in physical security and the indices in the operation of the cargo; we have provided guarantees to customers, who are all private

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