• The AGUNSA-SACYR Consortium took control of the El Tepual Airport Concession in Puerto Montt.


    AGUNSA (37.5%) together with Sacyr (62.5%) took control on May 1st  at 00:00 hrs. of El Tepual Airport Concession in Puerto Montt

    The project for this new concession considers an investment of UF 810,000 (US $ 36 million), with a duration of 6 years.

    The project will allow for an increase in double the capacity, exceeding the approximate 1.5 million current passengers to three million.  To accomplish this, the area will increase from 9,900 m2 to approximately 16,000 m2.  There will be an increase from five to six in the number of boarding bridges, also replacing two of the existing ones.  In addition, it also considers an increase in the number of remote positions from one to four, with ten positions for commercial aircrafts.

    In addition, there will be an increase in the number for parking spaces for the public, with 150 new spots.  Other improvements considered within the concession are the new facilities for the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC), the extension of the current WiFi network to the entire site, and the incorporation of lighting with LED technology.

    Among the benefits of the project will be the strengthening of cargo and passenger transport, the integration of the region and its inhabitants with the rest of the country, and the direct and indirect creation of new jobs.  With the remodeling and expansion of El Tepual, it is expected to strengthen the supply of flights to and from the Los Lagos region, with higher service standards, increasing the supply of airport infrastructure in our country.

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